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When Is The Best Time For a Fishing Trip?

If you’ve been feeling stressed out, depressed, overworked and in need of a vacation from “life,” then a fishing trip at June Lake, CA should help you feel much better.

The fishing in June Lake is Amazing!

Doesn’t it seem like vacations come few and far between these days? It’s tough to get away from our daily obligations to spend precious time with good friends and family. That’s why, on any vacation, we try to make the most of it, cramming in as much exciting activity as possible.

When it comes to a day spent at June Lake, nothing enhances the moment quite like a pontoon boat. Of course, there are many different types of boats out there, with plenty of advantages and disadvantages. There is a time and place for an exhilarating speedboat ride, or a relaxing fishing excursion aboard a quaint rowboat. When you’re with the people you love most, there’s only one vessel that can claim the title of the “ultimate party boat”, and that’s the pontoon boat.

We have 3 Pontoons to choose from

Sure, you may not be able to cram dozens of people onto a pontoon boat like on the millionaire’s yachts in the movies. There are capacity limits on every individual boat. Still, the right sized pontoon boat will have plenty of room to move around and enjoy a day on the water. Unlike other boats, the flat deck of a pontoon boat makes it easy to converse. You can expect an ample amount of comfortable seating, making it easy to sit and enjoy the company of others.

Perhaps the best part about pontoon boats is that everyone, regardless of age, can be comfortable on board. Small children and the elderly alike can feel comfortable and safe, having a great time enjoying the beautiful waters of June Lake.

Here at Big Rock Resort, we operate a marina between the last Saturday of April and the 31st of October. In addition, we have our fisherman’s special that begins right after labor day and last until October 31st as well.

Our 2 bedroom cabins are perfect for 4-6 guests

If you’re interested in a California vacation that can get the whole group on the water together, why not take advantage of an affordable and unforgettable pontoon boat rental? Give us a call to book your late Summer or Fall vacation today. 760-648-7717 or Book Online NOW!

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