Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are your new procedures and rules as it pertains to COVID-19? Great Question! Below is the email we sent to all of our guests via email and newsletter. Your safety is our #1 Priority!

Dear Guest,

First, we would like to thank you for your continued support, friendship and love! We feel incredibly lucky to have the best guests in the whole world! We know that we are in uncharted territory and we are working hard to make sure your vacation is as wonderful as it has always been. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we have made some changes and additions to our process to keep you, your family, our family and our staff as safe as possible. We have outlined below what you can expect before and during your stay at Big Rock Resort this year. As always, please feel free to call us 760-648-7717 or email us with any questions or concerns.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include but are not limited to:

·         Fever

·         Fatigue

·         Dry Cough

·         Difficulty Breathing

If you, your family, your household or your travel partners are ill or have been exposed to COVID-19 please notify us immediately and we can move your reservation to later in the season.

What to expect in the Town of June Lake:

As of today, May 29, 2020, restaurants are starting to open with limited hours and menus. June Pie is offering delivery and pick up of pizza and beverages. June Lake Brewing is open for prepay and to go orders of your favorite beers. The General Store is open. Social distancing and wearing a mask in town is very much appreciated by locals. Ernie’s is open. As we know that things change from day to day – please visit the following websites for up to date information of June Lake businesses hours and details.

While we want you to participate in generously spending your hard earned money with all of our business friends in town, please come prepared to June Lake as the hours and services you are used to may not be available.

Before your arrival:

5 Days before your arrival you will get an auto email to the email address you have on file with us containing the link to your digital waiver and cabin agreement. This will eliminate contact upon arrival. Our office will still be open and you are more than welcome to come and see us! CHECK IN IS 4 PM (we may have your room available earlier, call or come by the office) Your keys will be sanitized and left on your kitchen table along with your WiFi code. We made an investment to upgrade our WiFi so all of your devices will work much better. If you need additional codes please come to the office or ask Irene. We have lots!

Below is a list of the additions we have made to make your stay safer.

·         We have added a $12 per night per room resort fee to offset the cost of the equipment and supplies required by the health department

·         We have hired an additional housekeepers to handle the extra steps needed. Please welcome Irene’s Sisters Elea and Lizbeth!

·         Our housekeepers will be fully equipped with PPE

·         All cabins will be aired out during the cleaning process

·         All rooms will be fully sprayed down with sanitizer before the new guest arrives

·         We have provided a remote-control wipe to ensure that it is clean

·         We have removed all throw pillows, magazines and extra blankets

·         All silverware will be sanitized and wrapped before your arrival

During your stay:

Big Rock Resort has always taken pride in the fact that our cabins are clean and well supplied, with your help we can ensure a safe and comfortable stay for all. We are following the recommendations given to us by the Mono County Health Dept and The State of California Health Department and we have we have implemented the following safety measures.

·         We have taken the bedding for the futons/sofa sleeper along with extra pillows, sheets, and blankets out of the cabins. Please let us know before your arrival, stop by the office or give us a call and we will be happy to give you disinfected and bagged linens.

·         Duvets and duvet covers are on all beds for easy and efficient cleaning

·         We purchased a triple hepa vacuum 

·         TOWEL EXCHANGE 10am: To exchange your daily towels, please put them into the laundry bag that we have supplied, hanging in the closet. After you fill the bag, please put them on the front deck. We will then exchange them and return them disinfected and in clean bags to your deck. (there will be no late exchanges, please have bags on your deck if you want fresh towels)  


For the Marina:

·         As always, all boats are scrubbed down with Simple Green

·         All life jackets will be sanitized after each use and allowed to dry in the sun

·         All Oars will be wiped down with the bleach solution after each use

·         We have rented a temporary hand sink for outside of the store. Please feel free to wash your hands as much as you like

·         We will send all boat waiver documents for signature Via SmartWaiver and you may prepay at your convenience

·         Our public bathroom will be cleaned 3 times per day

For the Store:

·         We have built a new online store (more items available every day!) you may elect to order ahead of time and pick up your items curbside for contact less shopping

·         We kindly ask that there is only 1 guest in the store at a time

·         We have an iPad as our register and can be completely mobile on our property to ring up guest purchases

·         We have added a “tap and go’ credit card reader

·         We encourage pre paying for gifts, tackle and boat rentals for efficiency and for ZERO contact as much as possible

·         We have masks, sanitizer and gloves available for our and our guests use

On the day of your departure:

Checking out is going to look a bit different. CHECK OUT IS PROMPTLY AT 10 AM (please be prompt as this will help our staff stay on time)

Please use the canvas laundry bags provided in your closet. There is 1 bag per bathroom and 1 bag per bedroom.

·         Please put all of your towels in 1 bag

·         Please put the linens for each bedroom in 1 bag

This will allow us to transport the linens to our laundry room on property and help to keep our family and housekeeping staff safe.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We look forward to seeing you this season!



Mike and Laurie Pascetti

Alisa Powell Rosa

2. I am checking in, in a few days but I can't find the email with the Cabin Waiver...can you resend that to me? No Problem! Here is a copy of the email we sent you.

Dear [first name], 

Your trip to June Lake, CA and your stay at Big Rock Resort starts in just a few days! We have you arriving on [start date] and departing on [end date] in [room number] for [nights] nights. 

To achieve a low contact experience for you we have created an online Cabin Waiver and Agreement for you to fill out before you arrive. This will save time and paper. Please click HERE to sign your Waiver Online before you arrive. 

Please have the named person on the reservation fill out the cabin guest waiver. Be sure to add each child under the age of 18 as well. If you have questions, please email us at or call 760-648-7717

If you have not reserved a boat yet...please call 760-648-7717 to check availability

If you HAVE reserved a boat please fill out your boat waiver HERE. 

Each person participating in watercraft activities will need their own waiver including all children. Please forward this email to any friends or family that will be traveling with you and that will be participating in any watercraft activities. 


We can't wait to see you!

Mike and Laurie Pascetti

Alisa Rosa

3. Do you allow dogs? Yes! Cabins 6&7 are dog friendly. Here is our dog policy. 

Pet Policy - Dogs are ONLY allowed in Cabins 6 & 7. The Dog Fee is $27 per night plus applicable taxes. ONLY 1 Dog per cabin. We do not allow cats.
If you are in cabins 1,3,4,5,8 or 9 and you arrive with a dog you will be required to find boarding for your dog or give up your reservation and any and all deposits and payments.
NO pets may be kept in vehicles or tied up on the porch. NO EXCEPTIONS.
You may not leave your dog in your car or in your cabin unattended FOR ANY REASON. 
Your dog must be social with other dogs, cats, small children and lots of new people. 
You must clean up after your dog immediately. 

What about on your rental boats? We do allow dogs on our boats but please be mindful of the size of your dog. If your dog weighs over 50 pounds then they will be counted as a guest on the boat. Please plan accordingly

4. Can I water-ski or tube on June Lake? We are so sorry but June Lake is a 10 mph lake. You may visit Crowley Lake just South of Mammoth or Grant Lake in the June Lake Loop to water-ski. But, they do not rent ski boats at either location. Please call those marinas for their policies.

5. Can I fish from your kayaks or stand up paddle boards? I am so sorry but we do not allow fishing from our non motorized watercraft.

6. When was the last time they stocked? I have no idea! Please visit  for more info

7. Do you sell fishing licenses? Nope, but you can get them online at  or you can buy one at Ernie's Tackle Shop in town

8. Do you have camping at Big Rock Resort? No, but maybe one day! The Campground next door is called June Lake Campground you can check availability on

9. How far in advance can I book a cabin? We open reservations about 365 days out. We give our current guests the option of keeping their reservation for the following year. Please check our online calendar for current availability. Yes, the Calendar is current and correct. All reservations are paid in full 30 days from check in. Last minute cancellations are rare. 

10. Can I BBQ on my pontoon boat? NO! Fire and boats are not a good combination!

11. You are totally booked! Where else can I stay? I don't keep up with other properties and their availability but you can see a list of all the June Lake Chamber Members here  And lots of great info here

Where else can I rent boats in June Lake?

On June Lake 

On Gull Lake

On Silver Lake 

On Grant Lake 

12. How do I get to Big Rock Resort? "Directions" Getting to Big Rock is easy! Coming from Bishop/Mammoth take highway 395 North, make a left on to the South Junction of Highway 158, follow the road around the lake and make a right at the Fire station and come down the driveway to the lake. If you are coming from the north make a right onto the South Junction of highway 158. See you at the lake!

13. Do I need reservations to enter Yosemite National Park? It seems so. Please visit for updated information and/or to make a reservation

14. What is your boat cancellation policy? 

From the time you book your reservation until 7 days before you arrive: $25. A refund will be processed to your card on file minus $25
From 6 days until 2 days before your arrival: 50%. A 50% refund will be processed to your card on file
From 1 day before your arrival until the day of your reservation: 100%. No refund available.
Please email all cancellations to
* Any reservation cancelled by Big Rock Resort will see a refund in full. We do reserve the right to suspend operations due to wind, thunder and lightning.

Snowy Landscape

Looking for Winter/Ski Season Cabin Reservations? We will have cabins #1 and #3 open from 12/15/2021 until 3/15/2021. Please check out our listings on for immediate bookings or send us an email and we can check for availability for you:)                                                                                                  Click Here for Cabin #1         

                                                                                                            Click Here for Cabin #3