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Make Fishing a Family Endeavor

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Country singer Trace Adkins had a hit song with “You’re Gonna Miss This,” which talks about how parents should savor every moment with their kids because eventually they grow up, get older, move away, and those memories from years gone by will truly matter. After all, kids aren’t young forever.

3 Generations loving their time on the lake

That said, if you have kids in your life, take them fishing. If you have a spouse or significant other, take them, too. Family fishing trips can be some of the best times people can spend together, ever.

There’s something special about being out on the water, wondering if you’ll catch something, and then, ideally, reeling in a fish that you caught. Furthermore, it may seem like not a big deal, but for kids the chance to steer the fishing boat is about as big a thrill as they can get. Be sure and take some pictures to remember your family fishing days. You’ll look back on those pictures as some of the happiest, most memorable days of your life.

Our Pontoon Boat rental is a fantastic way for the whole family to enjoy the lake.

These days, too many people are living their lives watching screens. Indeed, it’s becoming unusual for kids to spend time outdoors just playing and having fun without their handheld device in tow.

Big Rock Resort in June Lake, California, is a chance to get away from technology and the busyness of suburban/city life. It’s a place where the pace is slower. Natures surrounds you as you marvel at the majestic mountains and trees and breathe in the clean air. Big Rock Resort has boats you can rent, as well as fishing gear available in our store, so you’ll be all set for some time on the lake laughing, talking, and catching fish.

Shared experiences are important. Families (and friends) need bonding time. What better way to accomplish this than a Big Rock Resort family fishing adventure? Plan your relaxing week at Big Rock Resort now so you’ll have something to look forward to on the calendar.

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1 comentário

Susan Pollan
Susan Pollan
09 de set. de 2019

My grandparents used to take my siblings and i there 35 years ago. We stayed in cabin 7...always. My parents would bring us up in the winter to ski. Also in cabin 7, lol. Staying at Big Rock is a treasured memory.

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