Tips for Taking Pictures of the Eastern Sierra Mountains

Eastern Sierra Mountains Big Rock Resort is located in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. If you have time to explore the region, you’ll discover Reversed Peak, Carson Peak, White Wing Mountain, Crater Mountain, Williams Butte, and Lookout Mountain, among others. Indeed, Big Rock Resort is literally nestled among mountains, and literally lakeside to gorgeous June Lake.

Now if you come stay at Big Rock Resort, you’ll probably want to bring a camera and take lots of pictures of the scenic surroundings– can’t blame you as this part of the country is visually stunning everywhere you turn!

What are some tips for taking quality pictures while exploring the Eastern Sierra Mountains? Here are some ideas to consider…

First, there’s something in photography called the “rule of thirds.” Instead of putting your subject in the middle of the frame, place your subject in the first or last third of your screen– so, “off-center.” While this works well if it’s a mountain scene without people in it, the other thing to consider is having a person in your picture of whatever mountain scene you’re taking– that will give it some context and human interest. Did you know most people prefer looking at pictures of people compared to “just landscapes?” Think about it this way: have you gone on trips before where you took hundreds of pictures? Years later, you look at all those pictures and say to yourself, “Why did I take so many pictures of the grass and sky that day and so few of the people I was with, like mom and dad?”

Next, take advantage of the light when you’re photographing nature. Ideally, it’s nice to have the sun illuminating your subject, so the sun should be “behind you” when you take the pic. Of course, you can play around with how you hold your camera, because sometimes really cool shots happen when the sunlight is literally “in the way” of your shot. If you want to have a silhouette of a person with the mountain in the background, then shoot the picture “into the sun” rather than having the sun behind you.

Finally, keep the horizon straight when taking photos of mountains. Otherwise, everything will look crooked and that will confuse people.

If you’re looking for a wonderful place to stay while visiting the Eastern Sierra Mountains, consider the quiet comforts of Big Rock Resort.