Tips for Skiing With Your Children

Skiing With Children You know what’s great about kids skiing? They have low centers of gravity so if and when they “fall down” they don’t have far to go, and it’s usually “no big deal.” If you were watching a six foot man fall down while skiing, you’d feel sorry for him, but a little squirt? It’s not the end of the world. Heck, kids like playing in the snow, anyway, so falling down isn’t a bad thing when you’re five-years-old, right?

That said, a lot of how a kid reacts to falling down while skiing comes from their own unique personality coupled with how adults react around them. If you’re skiing with them and they fall, try to make them feel like they can get back up again quickly and easily and it’s not worth them crying over… unless it’s below 20 degrees, windy, and they’ve lost their mittens– then they have reasons to cry. But when you’re skiing say at June Mountain in California, you won’t have to worry about the bitter cold!

So, what should adults think about when taking kids skiing? First and foremost, consider the temperature outside and whether or not the wind is howling. If it’s a nice, sunny, warm-ish day degrees, ideally, hit those slopes!

Next, don’t overwhelm kids. Do your best to make it fun for them. Instead of taking them to a gigantic mountainside resort with really long runs, opt for a more family-friendly place like June Mountain. Ideally, you’ll want to take kids up and down hills where you’re never far from a warm hut, the restroom, or the lodge. Also, timing matters. Avoid the really crowded times, and don’t expect your kids to stay out on the slopes for eight hours at a time. Maybe they can handle one or two hours at best before they need a nap.

Reasons to Take Your Children to June Mountain

Finally, if possible, bring some other kids along so it’s a group of kids enjoying their ski time together. If you’re staying at Big Rock Resort, did you know that nearby June Mountain ski area offers kids group day lessons for ages 3-12? Kids get matched up based on age and skill level so they’re able to develop their skiing and snowboarding skills in a supervised and proper way. For more info about lessons at June Mountain, call 888-JUNE-MTN or visit

If you’re planning a family trip and want to include skiing at June Mountain in your getaway, come stay in the cozy, home-like confines of Big Rock Resort.