Take Advantage of Our Fishermen’s Special Before Rooms Are Filled

Fisherman's Special It’s that time of the year, again, when Big Rock Resort offers its fishermen’s special. If you like to fish in a boat on a lake surrounded by beautiful nature, then this offer is something to consider. Book now and get a good deal– the fishermen’s special–where you get a discounted rate on a cabin at Big Rock Resort as well as complimentary use of a 14’ fishing boat during the duration of your stay.

Normally, rates tend to be higher at resorts during peak times. Think about it this way: many people, especially parents with kids, have certain times of the year when they’re “off” from work and school. So the month of July is one of the major months of the years when people book resort cabins, like the ones at Big Rock Resort.

What about people who like to “get a good deal” and have a fairly flexible schedule? They’re the ones who might not be beholden to taking vacations only when kids don’t have school. They don’t have the burden of a strict work schedule. Maybe they’re retired. Or they’re single and don’t have to worry about a spouse, kids and other family members. For those who can “make their own schedules” in life, the fishermen’s special is ideal.

Before Memorial Day and after Labor Day is when Big Rock Resort offers the fishermen’s discount cabin rate and complimentary boat privileges. So, if you have the time, inclination, money and energy to go fishin’ on June Lake in sunny California this May or September, and you want to get a good deal, contact Big Rock Resort today and ask for details about the fishermen’s special.

June Lake is known for rainbow trout and brown trout. The lake has a max depth of 168 feet. It’s 8.779 square miles in size.

Located on June Lake, Big Rock Resort isn’t “too big” so it won’t be crowded. It’s a peaceful, pleasant, calm and fairly quiet atmosphere. Many fishermen take advantage of the special year after year because it’s their chance to get away from the maddening crowds in cities like L.A. or San Fran.

Please call 760-648-7717 today to make your reservations at Big Rock Resort in June Lake, CA.