Reasons to Spend Time at Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth MountainFor some people, skiing is a way of life and they’re out on the slopes as much as possible during the winters. For others, it’s a once a year or once-in-a-lifetime event. Either way, skiing can make winter much more thrilling than it currently is. After all, heading down a mountain on two sticks is enough to get anyone’s heart pumping faster, right?

When people stay at Big Rock Resort in June Lake, CA, during the winter, they often drive over to Mammoth Mountain for skiing. For starters, the views along the way and once you get there are spectacular– the eastern Sierra mountains look like God’s playground. Nature is beautiful, especially when covered in snow during the winter months. Frosted pine trees give way to alpine buildings and ski lifts at Mammoth Mountain, where you’ll feel like you’re stepping into another world. In California, Mammoth Mountain is a top place to ski for all ages and abilities.

The Longest Ski Season in the U.S.

Did you know that Mammoth Mountain claims to have the longest ski season in the U.S.? Open for some 270 days during the 2016-17 season, that’s an impressive feat! Perhaps this is because the mountain has such a reliable and consistent snowpack. It’s high-up, dry climate allows snow to linger for months, and with 3,500 skiable acres, there’s plenty of room for lots of visitors.

Even if you don’t want to ski down the mountain, consider coming to Mammoth Mountain to take the gondola ride up to the 11,053-foot summit just for the view! Bring your camera and wear warm clothing. Meanwhile, if you’d like, you can rent snowmobiles, snowshoes, cross-country skis, and/or snow tubes for fun in the snow, too.

For snowboarders, Mammoth Mountain has terrain parks. In addition, for those who like to practice tricks in the air, they can land on the new Progression Airbag, which is a giant, cushy landing pad for Olympians as well as the public during special sessions. There are only three Progression Airbags in the world, so it’s a sight to see this season.

If you’re looking for relaxing, affordable accommodations about 21 miles away from the hustle and bustle of Mammoth Mountain, reserve a cabin at the picturesque Big Rock Resort– call 760-648-7717 for details.