Here’s Why You Should Consider a Trip to June Lake in the Fall

June Lake in the Fall The Los Angeles Times has been showing some love to June Lake. In an autumn article, the paper included the June Lake Loop as a prime place in California to see the beautiful fall leaves as they’re changing colors. June Lake Loop is a 15-mile route encircling June Lake and several other lakes and is described as “one of the finest viewing areas in the state” for colorful leaves. Other places highlighted in the article included Bishop Creek, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake George and Snowcreek Meadow. If you’d like to visit a website about where to see leaves changing colors in California, visit which offers “state color reports.”

June Lake is not only home to lots of aspen gold trees and their colorful Fall leaves, but also home to Big Rock Resort, a nice place to stay if you’re looking to getaway from the hullabaloo of city/suburban life.

To give you an idea of why you should visit June Lake/Big Rock Resort this Fall, consider this: it’s an area where granite mountains, clear blue lakes, and tall trees surround you. Best of all, there aren’t “too many people” around to bother you! It’s no Tahoe or Yosemite, and that’s fine, especially for those who don’t want the hustle-and-bustle of those tourist traps.

Besides seeing Fall foliage, why not bring your rod and reel and go fishin’? It is the area’s most popular activity. If you’re not into fishing, you can hike area paths, take photos of all the beautiful nature scenes, or just sit and relax at your Big Rock Resort cabin, listening to the peaceful sounds of nature rather than highway traffic!

By the way, if you do spend some time in the area this Fall, visit Mono Lake to see its amazing rock formations or get a feel for the “Old West” at the preserved Bodie ghost town. If you’re up for it, find a local natural hot springs and enjoy a warm soak even when the weather’s getting chilly.

Big Rock Resort is located in the secluded mountains of the Eastern Sierras. Resort cabins at the resort work well for individuals, couples, families or small get-togethers. Reserve your cabin by calling 760-648-7717 today.