Here’s Why You Should Come See the Devils Postpile National Monument This Summer

Devils Postpile National MonumentBig Rock Resort in June Lake, California, is located among The Sierra Nevada, a majestic mountain range located in the Central Valley/Great Basin of California.

In the heart of this region you’ll find Devils Postpile National Monument, which takes up about 800 acres. It’s the kind of place many people who stay at Big Rock Resort end up visiting for a day’s worth of outdoor adventures. Indeed, people visit this geologically-rich area for many reasons, including hiking the John Muir or Pacific Crest trails, as well as opportunities to go fishing and horseback riding. If you bring your camera with you, expect to take the kind of photos that’ll get lots of likes on Facebook and Instagram. Devils Postpile is generally open from mid-June to mid-October, when there isn’t snow blanketing the region and the roads are safe for traveling.

Are you curious about what the Devils Postpile looks like? Some say it resembles a pile of lumber created by giants. As a natural landmark, it’s comprised of 60-foot basalt columns. These columns formed some 100,000 years ago when lava erupted in the valley, followed by glaciers exposing and polishing them about 10,000 years ago.

As a tourist attraction in the Mammoth Lakes area, Devils Postpile attracts a lot of hikers each summer. They enjoy 8 miles of trails, with highlights including the view from the formation’s summit and the 101-foot Rainbow Falls.

Do you like to fish? The San Joaquin River is known for its wild trout. Do you like to go bird-watching? Or how about looking for wildlife? In this part of California, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for if you’ve got patience and a good eye for spotting God’s creatures.

Did you know there’s a shuttle bus that takes people to Devils Postpile during peak tourist season in the summer? The bus departs from the Mammoth Adventure Center and The Village at Mammoth. Using the shuttle bus is a good idea since parking lots around Devils Postpile tend to fill up quickly.

For more information about Devils Postpile National Monument, you can visit the National Park Service’s website, here.