Here’s Why Craft Beer is Ideal for Vacations

Craft Beer in June Lake, California Craft beer is beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery. It’s been called “honesty in a bottle.” Many have said it “tastes better” than the commercialized, mass-produced stuff like Coors or Bud Light. Basically, craft beer is usually unique to a location, made with love, and enjoyed in the company of others who are as excited as you are to try something new and slightly different than the same-old, same-old.

When you go on vacation, one of the best things about getting away from home is seeing different people, stores, restaurants, and sights. Why go someplace if it’s exactly like home, right? A vacation to June Lake, California, is like a trip to another planet in some respects. It’s the wilderness. You’re surrounded by mountains, lakes, trees and nature. Thankfully, of course, there’s a hint of civilization there, too, like the Big Rock Resort (where you can lay your head at night on a bed in a cozy cabin) and June Lake Brewing (where you can have a drink at the bar with locals and out-of-towners, too).

Drinking craft beer helps support local businesses. Craft beers are usually made right in the same place where you’ll drink them, and you’re highly likely going to meet the very man or woman who made the beer you’re drinkin’… how cool is that? You can ask questions about the process, and in most cases you can even see how it’s made right there. Craft beer brewers are often the kind of people who care about the environment. They might offer reusable growlers to help decrease waste. They might care about composting and the farmers nearby. For them, there’s a passion for what they do– it’s more than just about making money, and that’s a very good thing.

Want to know what the ingredients are in the craft beer you’re drinking? Chances are they’ve been locally sourced and the brewer can tell you all about that process. Craft beers often come in creative and interesting glassware as well as many different flavors. Unlike the beer you buy at Wal-mart, craft beers are authentically unique. There’s something special about trying a flavor you might never have the chance to try at home.

If and when you’re on vacation, staying at Big Rock Resort in June Lake, and you appreciate beer, you must visit June Lake Brewing. It’s located at 131 S. Crawford Avenue, with winter hours being Noon ‘til 8 or 9pm. There’s a food truck on the property– bonus!

If you need a place to stay in June Lake, CA, contact Big Rock Resort today.