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Reasons to Spend Time at Mammoth Mountain

For some people, skiing is a way of life and they’re out on the slopes as much as possible during the winters. For others, it’s a once a year or once-in-a-lifetime event. Either way, skiing can make winter much more thrilling than it currently is. After all, heading down a mountain on two sticks is… Read more »

Promising Signs for June Lake’s Ski Season

The June Mountain ski area as well as Mammoth Mountain ski area are two primary places for people to ski when they stay at Big Rock Resort in June Lake, California, during the winter months. Did you know that November storms dumped plenty of snow on the Sierra Nevada mountains where these ski areas are… Read more »

June Mountain Was Recently Highlighted By a Prominent Skiing Magazine

During the winter, many people come stay at Big Rock Resort in order to go skiing at nearby June Mountain, a ski area that’s set to open December 15th this year.  Recently, Powder, a famous skiing publication, highlighted the benefits of skiing at June Mountain. As part of the Eastern Sierras, June Mountain is about… Read more »

Book Your Skiing Getaway Today!

When most people think of California, they think of sandy beaches near Los Angeles, but California is a big state that also offers world-class skiing and snowboarding trails during the winter months. The Sierra Nevada mountain range, in particular, is home to several places to ski and snowboard including June Mountain and Mammoth Mountain. June… Read more »

The Christmas Season is the Perfect Time for a Skiing Trip

Do you and your family want to go on a Christmas skiing trip this December? If yes, June Mountain is the perfect place for you! Located near June Lake, the June Mountain ski area is actually two mountains. Skiers have 7 different ski lifts to choose from, including one for beginners; 4 doubles; and two… Read more »

Snowboarders vs. Skiers: Who’s Having More Fun?

There are certainly similarities between the sports of skiing and snowboarding; both sports give the participants the ability to glide over snow. Both sports are for those who love the thrill of adventure and don’t mind falling; and getting up to start all over again. Skiers and snowboarders are a part of a lifestyle and… Read more »

5 Skiing & Snowboarding Safety Tips

Fresh snow below your feet, as the crisp mountain wind brushes past your cheeks… this is what you feel as you are taking that first run down June or Mammoth Mountain. In the midst of all the excitement, one common mistake is prioritizing fun instead of safety. Here are a few things to consider practicing before and… Read more »