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New Things to Enjoy in June Lake, CA

New Things to Do in June Lake

If you’ve been to Big Rock Resort before, you’ve probably spent time on the June Lake Loop, aka Route 158, that goes along June Lake and takes many skiers to June Mountain Ski Area in the winter. Route 158 is known as “June Lake Loop Road” or “Boulder Drive” in certain places… the majority of… Read more »

Reasons to Go to the Minaret Vista

Minaret Vista

Many people come to Big Rock Resort to escape city life and, instead, enjoy the peaceful and often awe-inspiring sights of nature. Are you looking for gorgeous views and trails to hike? Less than 10 miles south of the June Lake Loop (where Big Rock Resort is located) you’ll find Minaret Vista. It’s the kind… Read more »

The Benefits of Going Rock Climbing Near June Lake, CA

Have you ever tried rock climbing? It has many benefits. For starters, rock climbing is a great way to build muscle and endurance. It can be quite the challenge to climb rocks– you have to use your hands, body and feet in ways they’re not normally used. Like climbing stairs or jogging, rock climbing is… Read more »

Here’s What the LA Times Said About June Lake

The Los Angeles Times recently highlighted the June Lake Loop as a place for Californians to visit this Fall to see nature’s beauty in all its splendor. The June Lake Loop is a paved road that’s described as passing “mountain lakes, granite bluffs and trees so golden they look to be on fire.” Indeed, the… Read more »

Reasons to Visit June Lake, CA This Fall

For many people, Fall is their favorite season. As the weather gets colder but “not too cold,” Fall often involves spending time outdoors, enjoying nature before the snow flies and winter takes over. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time outdoors at a time when nature is ultra-beautiful? Big Rock Resort at June Lake,… Read more »

5 Signs That Indicate You Need a Vacation

People don’t vacation nearly enough these days. Life is not meant to be all work, work, work. Here are five signs that it’s time for you to take a vacation: 5) You work all the time. Seriously, you’re “always on.” Even when you’re not “at work,” you’re checking your phone about work. You’re emailing people… Read more »

The Science of Sunsets

There’s something special about watching the sunset. It’s not unusual for people to gather at certain places, like Big Rock Resort in June Lake, CA, to watch the sunset. Here’s a question, though: what makes a sunset so beautiful? What’s the “science” behind a great sunset? People tend to love colorful sunsets, where the sky… Read more »

When Should You Start Planning a Vacation?

When you “google” the phrase “when should you start planning a vacation” all sorts of links for articles about a Disney vacation pop up. If Disney is a man-made attempt at creating a bit of paradise for us to enjoy, consider Big Rock Resort in California as nature’s paradise, without all the crowds of Disney,… Read more »

Places to Visit in June Lake, CA

When you vacation at Big Rock Resort, there are two places you might want to walk to nearby. They’re called June Lake Brewing and Ohanas 395. June Lake Brewing is a great place to try original beers, while Ohanas 395 serves “freaking amazing Hawaiian soul food.” First, you should know about Ohanas 395. They have… Read more »