Plan a Day Trip to Yosemite When Staying at Big Rock Resort

If you’re not from “around here,” you might confuse Yellowstone and Yosemite, because they both start with the letter “Y” and they’re both famous parks “out West.” While Yellowstone is primarily located in Wyoming, Yosemite is in California, and not too far from Big Rock Resort. A day trip to Yosemite could be fun! As… Read more »

Experts Say Americans Need to Take More Vacations

Americans are so busy working that they’re forgetting to take the much-needed time to enjoy their lives. Case in point: visit a marina and notice how many boats sit there, day after day, unused. Vacations are so good for us, yet we feel compelled to work, work, work. Isn’t the point of working to be… Read more »

Places to Hike in June Lake

One of the advantages of staying at Big Rock Resort is its ideal location at June Lake, California. Nestled in the Eastern Sierra mountain range, June Lake is home to the Inyo National Forest– a hiker’s paradise. Less than two miles from June Lake you can hike the Fern Lake Trail, just off Highway 158… Read more »

When Should You Start Planning a Vacation?

When you “google” the phrase “when should you start planning a vacation” all sorts of links for articles about a Disney vacation pop up. If Disney is a man-made attempt at creating a bit of paradise for us to enjoy, consider Big Rock Resort in California as nature’s paradise, without all the crowds of Disney,… Read more »

Places to Visit in June Lake, CA

When you vacation at Big Rock Resort, there are two places you might want to walk to nearby. They’re called June Lake Brewing and Ohanas 395. June Lake Brewing is a great place to try original beers, while Ohanas 395 serves “freaking amazing Hawaiian soul food.” First, you should know about Ohanas 395. They have… Read more »

Cabins Versus Hotels: Why Staying in a Cabin is More Memorable

Hotels work well in places where there’s not a lot of land available because it’s so developed. Hotels typically have more than one floor, such that you have to walk up stairs or use an elevator to get to your room. Oh, and that’s the thing: you have one small room to use, which typically… Read more »

Reasons to Visit Yosemite National Park

Every American should take the time to visit Yosemite National Park at least once in their lifetime. It’s a national treasure. Yosemite National Park is in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which runs 400 miles north-to-south and about 70 miles across, east-to-west, taking up a large amount of land in California and Nevada. Yosemite is… Read more »

Make Fishing a Family Endeavor

Country singer Trace Adkins had a hit song with “You’re Gonna Miss This,” which talks about how parents should savor every moment with their kids because eventually they grow up, get older, move away, and those memories from years gone by will truly matter. After all, kids aren’t young forever. That said, if you have… Read more »

Fresh Air Is Good For Your Health

Think about the amount of time you spend indoors. For most people, the majority of their lives are spent in buildings, right? Our ancestors spent much of their time outdoors. While that might be impractical today, it still doesn’t hurt to take time breathing in fresh air. Indeed, fresh air is good for our lungs,… Read more »

Why the Best Summer Vacations Include a Ton of Outdoor Activities

The best summer vacations include a ton of outdoor activities. If you asked the average person from California, or other states for that matter, which season was their favorite, most people would say summer because the weather and temperatures are most conducive to spending time outdoors. As a bonus, during the summer it stays light… Read more »