Take Advantage of Our Fishermen’s Special Before Rooms Are Filled

It’s that time of the year, again, when Big Rock Resort offers its fishermen’s special. If you like to fish in a boat on a lake surrounded by beautiful nature, then this offer is something to consider. Book now and get a good deal– the fishermen’s special–where you get a discounted rate on a cabin… Read more »

Here’s Why Craft Beer is Ideal for Vacations

Craft beer is beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery. It’s been called “honesty in a bottle.” Many have said it “tastes better” than the commercialized, mass-produced stuff like Coors or Bud Light. Basically, craft beer is usually unique to a location, made with love, and enjoyed in the company… Read more »

Tips for Skiing With Your Children

You know what’s great about kids skiing? They have low centers of gravity so if and when they “fall down” they don’t have far to go, and it’s usually “no big deal.” If you were watching a six foot man fall down while skiing, you’d feel sorry for him, but a little squirt? It’s not… Read more »

Reasons to Spend Time at Mammoth Mountain

For some people, skiing is a way of life and they’re out on the slopes as much as possible during the winters. For others, it’s a once a year or once-in-a-lifetime event. Either way, skiing can make winter much more thrilling than it currently is. After all, heading down a mountain on two sticks is… Read more »

Things to Do Before Taking a Winter Vacation

A winter vacation at Big Rock Resort in December or some other winter month can be a nice break from work for most people. What are some things to do before taking a winter vacation from work? First, check with your employer about dates and times and such. Do you have the necessary vacation time… Read more »

Promising Signs for June Lake’s Ski Season

The June Mountain ski area as well as Mammoth Mountain ski area are two primary places for people to ski when they stay at Big Rock Resort in June Lake, California, during the winter months. Did you know that November storms dumped plenty of snow on the Sierra Nevada mountains where these ski areas are… Read more »

Reasons to Take a Holiday Vacation

Variety is the spice of life. How many times have you spent the holidays at home, now? Go ahead, count the number of years you’ve done the same thing, over and over… If you’ve rarely or never “mixed it up” at Christmas time, then this is your year to do something different! Why not take… Read more »

June Mountain Was Recently Highlighted By a Prominent Skiing Magazine

During the winter, many people come stay at Big Rock Resort in order to go skiing at nearby June Mountain, a ski area that’s set to open December 15th this year.  Recently, Powder, a famous skiing publication, highlighted the benefits of skiing at June Mountain. As part of the Eastern Sierras, June Mountain is about… Read more »

Here’s What the LA Times Said About June Lake

The Los Angeles Times recently highlighted the June Lake Loop as a place for Californians to visit this Fall to see nature’s beauty in all its splendor. The June Lake Loop is a paved road that’s described as passing “mountain lakes, granite bluffs and trees so golden they look to be on fire.” Indeed, the… Read more »

Reasons to Visit June Lake, CA This Fall

For many people, Fall is their favorite season. As the weather gets colder but “not too cold,” Fall often involves spending time outdoors, enjoying nature before the snow flies and winter takes over. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time outdoors at a time when nature is ultra-beautiful? Big Rock Resort at June Lake,… Read more »