Reasons to Visit Bodie State Historic Park

In season three of The Brady Bunch (in the early 1970s), The Bradys and their trusted maid Alice took a trip to the Grand Canyon. On the way, they stopped at a ghost town where they got locked in jail by a demented prospector who thought they were there to steal his non-existent gold claim!… Read more »

An Overview of the Ansel Adams Wilderness

Ansel Adams was an internationally-acclaimed American landscape photographer who died in 1984, but his name lives on through his work and a special part of the Sierra Nevada in California deemed the “Ansel Adams Wilderness.” Perhaps you’ve seen black-and-white images of the American West– and in particular, the Sierra Nevada? Then you’ve most likely seen… Read more »

New Things to Enjoy in June Lake, CA

If you’ve been to Big Rock Resort before, you’ve probably spent time on the June Lake Loop, aka Route 158, that goes along June Lake and takes many skiers to June Mountain Ski Area in the winter. Route 158 is known as “June Lake Loop Road” or “Boulder Drive” in certain places… the majority of… Read more »

Family Friendly Activities to Do When Vacationing in June Lake

If you’re a family with kids and you’re vacationing at Big Rock Resort near June Lake, California, what are some “family-friendly” things to do around the area? Depending on the season, there are several options. During the summertime, the livin’ is easy when parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and other caregiving adults take kids to the… Read more »

Big Rock Resort Is Taking the Winter Off

Have you heard of the term “sabbatical?” It means a rest from work… a break often lasting one month to a year. Many university professors take a sabbatical. Catholic priests do, too. And, this year, the folks who run Big Rock Resort are taking one. It’s important for people to take a break from what… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Consider a Trip to June Lake in the Fall

The Los Angeles Times has been showing some love to June Lake. In an autumn article, the paper included the June Lake Loop as a prime place in California to see the beautiful fall leaves as they’re changing colors. June Lake Loop is a 15-mile route encircling June Lake and several other lakes and is… Read more »

Reasons to Go to the Minaret Vista

Many people come to Big Rock Resort to escape city life and, instead, enjoy the peaceful and often awe-inspiring sights of nature. Are you looking for gorgeous views and trails to hike? Less than 10 miles south of the June Lake Loop (where Big Rock Resort is located) you’ll find Minaret Vista. It’s the kind… Read more »

Tips for Taking Pictures of the Eastern Sierra Mountains

Big Rock Resort is located in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. If you have time to explore the region, you’ll discover Reversed Peak, Carson Peak, White Wing Mountain, Crater Mountain, Williams Butte, and Lookout Mountain, among others. Indeed, Big Rock Resort is literally nestled among mountains, and literally lakeside to gorgeous June Lake. Now if you… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Come See the Devils Postpile National Monument This Summer

Big Rock Resort in June Lake, California, is located among The Sierra Nevada, a majestic mountain range located in the Central Valley/Great Basin of California. In the heart of this region you’ll find Devils Postpile National Monument, which takes up about 800 acres. It’s the kind of place many people who stay at Big Rock… Read more »

The Benefits of Going Rock Climbing Near June Lake, CA

Have you ever tried rock climbing? It has many benefits. For starters, rock climbing is a great way to build muscle and endurance. It can be quite the challenge to climb rocks– you have to use your hands, body and feet in ways they’re not normally used. Like climbing stairs or jogging, rock climbing is… Read more »