June Mountain Was Recently Highlighted By a Prominent Skiing Magazine

During the winter, many people come stay at Big Rock Resort in order to go skiing at nearby June Mountain, a ski area that’s set to open December 15th this year.  Recently, Powder, a famous skiing publication, highlighted the benefits of skiing at June Mountain. As part of the Eastern Sierras, June Mountain is about… Read more »

Here’s What the LA Times Said About June Lake

The Los Angeles Times recently highlighted the June Lake Loop as a place for Californians to visit this Fall to see nature’s beauty in all its splendor. The June Lake Loop is a paved road that’s described as passing “mountain lakes, granite bluffs and trees so golden they look to be on fire.” Indeed, the… Read more »

Reasons to Visit June Lake, CA This Fall

For many people, Fall is their favorite season. As the weather gets colder but “not too cold,” Fall often involves spending time outdoors, enjoying nature before the snow flies and winter takes over. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time outdoors at a time when nature is ultra-beautiful? Big Rock Resort at June Lake,… Read more »

Science Says an Ideal Vacation is This Long

Ask the average person how long the ideal vacation lasts and you’ll get a plethora of answers. Jokingly, some will say, “forever,” while others might be stingy and allow for “a weekend.” Interestingly, people have actually studied this topic to find out the best answer. Thank you Finland. It was a Finnish university that conducted… Read more »

Tips for Making a Scrapbook From a Family Vacation

Scrapbooks are a great way to remember a family vacation. They’re a unique way to put onto paper the many memories a family shares during a specific time at a certain place where, hopefully, there were plenty of smiles and good times. If you’re going to make a scrapbook of your family vacation to a… Read more »

Why Should Consider Incorporating Hiking Into Your Vacation

When you visit a place you most certainly could just stay in bed the whole time, reading and sleeping, but if you’re going to come to a place like Big Rock Resort, you should definitely consider spending time outdoors, exploring the area. What are some reasons to incorporate hiking into your vacation plans, especially at… Read more »

5 Signs That Indicate You Need a Vacation

People don’t vacation nearly enough these days. Life is not meant to be all work, work, work. Here are five signs that it’s time for you to take a vacation: 5) You work all the time. Seriously, you’re “always on.” Even when you’re not “at work,” you’re checking your phone about work. You’re emailing people… Read more »

Why Couples Should Consider a Romantic Getaway to June Lake

Has your relationship with your significant other been on auto-pilot lately? Does it seem like you two are going through the motions? Has life become a bit predictable and boring? Couples should consider a romantic getaway at June Lake’s Big Rock Resort for a number of reasons. First, today’s couples don’t spend enough time together…. Read more »

Why Cabins Are More Fun to Stay In Than Hotels

If you’ve been to one hotel, you’ve pretty much been to them all. They’re corporate. They’re similar. They’re sterile. Sure, hotels serve a purpose, but they’re not usually the kinds of places where you truly feel at home. With a cabin, it’s one-of-a-kind, and it’s pretty much a small version of a house. There are… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Consider Taking a Vacation

What are some signs you might need to take a vacation? For starters, have you been feeling overworked, tired all the time, overwhelmed, and stressed out? Is your body begging you to slow down and relax but your mind just makes you go-go-go? If so, you might need a vacation. Next, when is the last… Read more »