Reasons to Visit Yosemite National Park

Every American should take the time to visit Yosemite National Park at least once in their lifetime. It’s a national treasure. Yosemite National Park is in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which runs 400 miles north-to-south and about 70 miles across, east-to-west, taking up a large amount of land in California and Nevada. Yosemite is… Read more »

Make Fishing a Family Endeavor

Country singer Trace Adkins had a hit song with “You’re Gonna Miss This,” which talks about how parents should savor every moment with their kids because eventually they grow up, get older, move away, and those memories from years gone by will truly matter. After all, kids aren’t young forever. That said, if you have… Read more »

Fresh Air Is Good For Your Health

Think about the amount of time you spend indoors. For most people, the majority of their lives are spent in buildings, right? Our ancestors spent much of their time outdoors. While that might be impractical today, it still doesn’t hurt to take time breathing in fresh air. Indeed, fresh air is good for our lungs,… Read more »

Why the Best Summer Vacations Include a Ton of Outdoor Activities

The best summer vacations include a ton of outdoor activities. If you asked the average person from California, or other states for that matter, which season was their favorite, most people would say summer because the weather and temperatures are most conducive to spending time outdoors. As a bonus, during the summer it stays light… Read more »

Stay Three or More Days and Save!

Life can be stressful, busy and chaotic, which is exactly why you need to take a vacation to relax “away from it all.” Big Rock Resort in June Lake, California, is off the beaten path, far away from your daily grind. It’s the perfect winter getaway for a few days and nights of much-needed downtime…. Read more »

Explore the Wilderness the Inspired Ansel Adams

Staying at Big Rock Resort in June Lake, California, is a treat for photographers who love taking pictures of birds, trees, animals and other nature scenes. Big Rock Resort is surrounded by nature, and is situated near the Ansel Adams Wilderness Area, a span of the Sierra Nevada complete with spectacular lakes, peaks and gorges…. Read more »

Book Your Stay for April’s Monster Fish Contest!

June Lake is well known among fishermen as a good place to catch different types of trout, including rainbow and brown trout, and the Monster Fish Contest is just one of many fishing events held at or near June Lake, California, each year. This annual Monster Fish Contest for 2016 is set to take place… Read more »

Book Your Skiing Getaway Today!

When most people think of California, they think of sandy beaches near Los Angeles, but California is a big state that also offers world-class skiing and snowboarding trails during the winter months. The Sierra Nevada mountain range, in particular, is home to several places to ski and snowboard including June Mountain and Mammoth Mountain. June… Read more »

Book a Private Getaway for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one time of the year when couples can happily choose to forget about everything else and just concentrate on one another. This Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be great to escape with your lover for a private getaway in the Sierra Mountains? Big Rock Resort at June Lake has several cozy cabins… Read more »

Snowmobiling Near June Lake

When people who stay at Big Rock Resort are looking for a place to play in the snow during the winter season, they often make a quick 10 mile drive to Smokey Bear Flats. Located halfway between June Lake and Mammoth, Smokey Bear Flats is a large, open space where people enjoy snowmobiling, dog sledding… Read more »