Improve Your Marriage By Spending More Time Together

There’s a newly married couple who both work jobs with odd hours. They might see each other an hour per day, and they have to wait until the weekend to spend a couple hours together when both of them have time off from work. Sadly, this is all too common for many married couples, whether… Read more »

Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

Looking to avoid the stress and time constraints that the holidays can sometimes cause? If yes, consider coming to Big Rock Resort to enjoy nature and tranquility during Christmas-New Years’ time frame. Christmas and New Year’s can be the most stressful time of the year for a lot of people. While some people thrive on… Read more »

When Is The Best Time For a Fishing Trip?

If you’ve been feeling stressed out, depressed, overworked and in need of a vacation from “life,” then a fishing trip at June Lake, CA should help you feel much better. Where would you stay? Big Rock Resort at June Lake offers resort cabins in a peaceful setting, just steps from the local marina. The resort… Read more »

Improve Your Performance at Work By Taking a Vacation

In Europe, it’s common knowledge that workers take vacations and enjoy them. In America, while many workers do, this might surprise you: about 40 percent of Americans don’t plan on using all of their paid time off this year, according to a survey released by the U.S. Travel Association and GfK, a market research firm…. Read more »

Things to Do Before Leaving For a Vacation

Before you vacation at Big Rock Resort, there are some things to do before leaving home for your intended time to relax and have fun. The days before you leave entail various tasks which include little things like putting your email auto-response “on” and having your mail and newspaper(s) “held.” Of course it’s a good… Read more »

Reasons to take a June Lake Vacation This Fall

“The autumn breeze caressed the trees tenderly,” goes the old standard song, “Autumn Leaves.” Indeed, there’s nothing quite like an autumn breeze among trees whose leaves are colorful shades of blazing orange, yellow, gold and red. Autumn is an ideal time for a vacation, especially at Big Rock Resort. Located in the Eastern Sierras at… Read more »

Here’s Why a Pontoon Boat Makes For a Perfect Day on June Lake

Doesn’t it seem like vacations come few and far between these days? It’s tough to get away from our daily obligations to spend precious time with good friends and family. That’s why, on any vacation, we try to make the most of it, cramming in as much exciting activity as possible. When it comes to… Read more »

Family-Friendly Vacations at June Lake

gCalifornia is lucky to be home to some amazing outdoor spaces. From the pristine Pacific Coast to breathtaking Yosemite National Park, California offers a unique opportunity to embrace all that nature has to offer. Why not get out there and enjoy it with your whole family? One of the best-kept secrets of central California is… Read more »

What Are Some Fun, Summer Outdoor Games You Could Play While At a Cabin?

At Big Rock Resort you are surrounded by nature. The majestic mountains, the trees, the trails and the lake are all around you. When you’re not exploring the area and want to stick close to your cabin, there are some fun outdoor games to consider this summer. First and foremost is frisbee. Nothing says summer… Read more »

Improve Your Health with a Vacation

The stress of working can really take a toll on not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. Whether you dealing with clients, working with children, or are in the food service industry, or simply alone in an office, there is stress everywhere. From sitting in a chair all day, or dealing… Read more »